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Search Markets is a community help desk and an open expert network.

We connect individuals and organisations, providing one-to-one and community support across multiple industries by inviting subject matter experts onto our platforms to exchange information and promote their businesses.

Search Markets offer various services to help individuals and organisations raise their visibility in competitive markets. We provide a range of offerings tailored to different needs. 

Search Markets Services is a comprehensive platform that combines networking opportunities, job search assistance, personalised coaching, and educational resources to help individuals and organisations navigate competitive markets.

We offer Inclusive Deals, One to One Services, Job Seeker Support, People Services, Support Services, Technology Services, Surveys, Bespoke Projects and Directory Listings.

The platform provides various resources:

  • ticketing support for help desk questions about the site
  • calendar booking for scheduling services
  • a newsletter offering industry insights and networking opportunities

Search Markets also supports community groups on WhatsApp, Slack, Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as our own community site.

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